An update: Approaching the big 5-0

50 is just a number right? Well, this is what I’ve been telling my friends who have just hit the big 5-0. “Don’t worry, ” I’ve said reassuringly. “See it as a new and exciting phase in your life. I am.”

Well I was- until yesterday. As I’m fast approaching the big day, I decided to have a full MOT so that I’m ready for the big 6-0 (I’ve got big plans the next 10 years!) so I’m starting with the feet and working upwards.

Yesterday was the turn of the podiatrist. I turned up, as arranged, for my appointment at 9am. I was met with a doctor who looked like he’d stepped off a Vogue catwalk. Think a cross between George Clooney and Tom Cruise. The thought of exposing my big, nasty feet to this Greek God made me shudder with embarrassment. Anyway needs must. My pinkies were revealed, prodded and x-rayed and then came the damning verdict: “You have arthritis in your big toe!” he announced.

“Arthur who?” I said. Yes, I have a new man in my life – Arthur Itis! Now I really feel 50. But I’d like to send a special thank you to my lovely sister who shared the following unhelpful piece of advice: Arthritis doesn’t actually exist. It is really wear and tear!

And to cap it all, today I got home and in the post was a letter thanking me for my enquiry about chairlifts in the home. I now really need a drink! (And, to the lovely, witty person who arranged that letter …I’ll find you! 🙂 )

Now that I hope you are all feeling a tad sorry for me, I’m going to get my plea in. ‘Arthur’ and I are running the Race for Life on 30th June in Richmond Park. We have promised to raise £300 for Cancer Research but we need sponsors. If you go to

you can help us out to raise our target and help a fantastic cause in the process. A big thank you!

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