The challenge I have set myself

I am a procrastinator and I admit it, but in 2013 this is all about to change! No more hiding from my boss because I’ve left a deadline until the final minute, no more leaving bills unopened (and receiving reprimanding phone calls from the electricity board after they’ve reconnected my power supply for the third time in a year!) The proscrastinator in me is gone only to be replaced by a proactive, go-getter!

What brings on this decisive change of heart I hear you ask? Well, it’s a big year for all of us born in 1963, as all of us ‘Beatle babies’ who were born in this momentous era of social change turn 50 in the year 2013. I have decided that instead of talking, philosophising and dreaming about the things I want to do (which I have spent the last 50 years doing), this year I am going to do them!

So, I have set myself a goal. I am going to achieve 50 things I have always wanted to do, in the year of my 50th birthday.


Since my first post on 1st January 2013, (please see above), I have been completing, mulling over and refining my 50by50. Thank you SO much for all of your suggestions. I have thought about each one carefully and I am laughing about how rich, flexible and risk seeking you think I am! I am flattered. I’ve thought about what I can feasibly do, what might make me a better person and what might make me laugh because as you know, I love to laugh.

Bearing all of that in mind, I have come up with the final 49. The last one eludes me so please help once again. Some thoughts: I want to have fun, I would like to learn something – a skill perhaps or something about myself and it may involve you. Is there anything YOU really want to do? If so, I’ll do it with you and it could be the final 50by50 x

Here are my final 49. By midnight on 31st December 2013 I make a promise to myself that I will have achieved the following:

1. Take Italian lessons in readiness for a trip to Montepulciano in May. *DONE
2. Climb to the Whispering gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral. *DONE
3. Take a helicopter ride
4. Re-vamp my skin and makeup routines. *DONE
5. Go on a course/lesson to learn how to ride a bike safely. *DONE
6. Volunteer 12 times over the year. * DOING
7. Read ’1984′ by George Orwell
8. Read 50 books and review them on *DOING
9. Use only cash for one month (bar standing orders and direct debits)
10. Contact everyone on Christmas card list personally instead of sending a card. Donate money saved to a charity
11. Enjoy dinner at Michel Roux’s Le Gavroche. *DONE
12. Go on a London walking tour. *DONE
13. Attend a cake decorating course
14. Send book to publisher!
15. Write a travel article and get it published
16. Learn to swim a length. *DONE
17. Take an art class. *DONE
18. Take a singing lesson
19. Have laser eye surgery
20. Be colour analysed by a professional. *DONE
21. Set up a book club
22. Go to see ‘Singalong a Sound of Music’. *DONE
23. Go to see a ballet. *DONE
24. Attend a meditation course/ go on retreat. *DONE
25. Scan all my photos from the last 50 years!
26. One night a week without TV. *DOING
27. Learn a new word every week and use it. *DOING
28. Write a will. *DONE
29. Get my teeth whitened. *PUT BRACES ON! (Whitening to follow)
30. Visit the Hindu Temple in Neasden, London *DONE
31. Do something cultural once a month. *DOING
32. Write a blog. *DOING
33. Do a Race for Life. *DONE
34. See the Northern lights. *DONE
35. Liverpool – Beatle Tour. *DONE
36. Do a walking tour abroad. *DONE
37. Win a competition
38. Be in the public gallery at a court hearing. *DONE
39. Learn to hoola hoop for a minute
40. Visit the Louvre in Paris
41. Be in the audience of a TV show *DONE
42. Tour of Grand Central Station, New York
43. Learn to perfect a magic trick!
44. Go on a spontaneous trip with no itinerary
45. Listen to a debate at the House of Commons *DONE
46. See a performance at the Minack Theatre in Penzance. *DONE
47. Spend an evening at a comedy club. *DONE
48. Attempt the Telegraph Cryptic Crossword every Saturday * DOING
49. Plan 60 new things to do by the time I’m 60 ( no blog, I promise)
50. ????Any suggestions? Something completely spontaneous. I need help with this one please!

Love Joanne xxx

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