Blog Number 41: Visit the Louvre in Paris

The moment I arrived at Gare-Du-Nord station in Paris last weekend, the memories of my last visit to that very same station came flooding back.

It was the summer of 1982, the weather was hot and humid. The heat was overbearing. I was completely broke and hungry as I had spent every penny I had drinking and dancing my way around Europe for several months.

And now I was heading home to mum’s home cooking and a much needed bath. But not just yet! I had missed the last train to the connecting ferry (no Eurostar in those days) and was abandoned penniless in Paris.

So what happened? Well, that’s a story to be shared with you over a bottle of wine in 2014. Let’s make sure we catch up.

This trip? Well, it was lovely but very different. I was lucky enough to stay in a nice hotel, I drank nice French wine and ate gorgeous French food. I visited The Louvre and remembered to bring my magnifying glass to view the famous Mona Lisa!

But I will never forget that first trip and how I managed to arrive back in London full of good food and nice wine. My guardian angel was certainly with me that night!

2 thoughts on “Blog Number 41: Visit the Louvre in Paris

  1. I can’t wait to hear about that adventure, JoAnne……..What a scary experience that must have been for you.

    See you tomorrow!



  2. I’ll tell all tomorrow. Fate intervened and sorted me out. I wasn’t alone – now that would have been really scary as I couldn’t speak French and I was only 19!

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