Blog Number 40: see a performance at the Minack Theatre in Penzance

I can’t quite believe that it has taken me four months to write this blog as it was one of the most enjoyable tasks on the 50by50 list. I had never even heard of the Minack Theatre in Penzance when it was recommended as a task to include by one of my colleagues.

The theatre is open to the elements being set on a slope above a sheer drop into the Atlantic. Its creation was the vision of one woman who virtually built it singlehandedly. She, along with her gardener, cut the granite for the stage and seats by hand from a pile of tumbled boulders. The stones were inched into place and the terraces were in-filled with earth, small stones and pebbles shovelled down from the higher ledges.

I went to see Wuthering Heights and I can tell you that as night fell, the cries of Heathcliffe were all the more haunting against this stunning backdrop.

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