Blog Number 39: cramming them all in before the End of the year!

Working in a school has its advantages. There are many hidden talents and plenty of great opportunities to learn new things –

Visit the Hindu Temple in Neasden

It was an honour to be welcomed into this beautiful and sacred building on a visit with our Y4 class.

The Temple is a sight to behold and the story of how each individual piece was carefully transported from far off places around the world and assembled together like a complex version of a jigsaw is incredible. This trip to North West London is well worth making.

Go on a cake decorating course

I can now make mince pies courtesy of our school chef, Joe, who was trained at the Ritz. We have hidden talents at our school. It’s not quite a ‘cake decorating course’ but it’s close enough – well I had to stick the stars on top!

Learn a magic trick

Little did I know that my colleague Margaret is a budding ‘Paula Daniels’. She taught me a trick with a piece of string, which I performed for the rest of the staff on our Christmas night out. Apart from the string becoming entangled in my braces, it was worthy of a standing ovation. Where the view that teachers are nerdy individuals who don’t know how to enjoy themselves came from I’ll never know!

2 thoughts on “Blog Number 39: cramming them all in before the End of the year!

  1. Joanne – you must be tired from your blogging! I have enjoyed your 50by50 – thanks for keepiing us all entertained. maybe I should do a 60by60 – that will give me a few years to do them all!! Happy still laugh at you bike lesson and your art class too. Priceless! New Year xxx

  2. Thank you, Julie. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the tasks. The blogging wore me down a bit but it is a great thing to look back on to prove to myself that I am not a completely lazy slob!

    Thanks for chivvying me along throughout the year. Have a wonderful trip. Happy New Year. Hope you have a brilliant 2014, x

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