Blog Number 36: something cultural for July (a very late blog!)

The celebration of my birthday continued well on to the end of the month when I returned to my Irish roots and visited Inchydoney Lodge & Spa in Cork, Ireland. This fantastic hotel caters for angels and sinners alike. The clean-living hotel and spa is linked (by a dimly lit, highly secretive corridor) to a let it all hang loose, drink and eat as much as you want pub!

When you feel like breaking out of the calorie counting, exercise busting spa, you can sneak furtively along through the corridor to order your devilish delights. Mine’s a pint of the black stuff. So where’s the culture I hear you ask? That comes courtesy of Dave the guitarist who entertains the crowd with his endless repertoire of a mix of Irish cultural music and pop songs. At about 10pm each night, the tables are pushed back and the inner disco diva in you is brought alive. Forget the lettuce leaves and calorie counting- there’s no better way to bust the flab than this, I promise you.

A huge belated thanks to the 11 truly fabulous friends who joined me on this trip. It wouldn’t have been half as much fun without you 🙂

6 thoughts on “Blog Number 36: something cultural for July (a very late blog!)

  1. Joanne, this was a truly lame blog about Inchidonny- we danced til we dropped, annoyed the living daylights out of any person just ‘popping into the bar for a quiet drink’ and never mind the 4am drinks with a member of the wedding party!!!! It was a trip to remember. Thanks SO much for the invite-I still look back on it & giggle when I’m having a bad day.!
    When’s the next reunion???

  2. Karen, so very true but I have my reputation to consider!! 🙂 I think one of the high points in terms of annoying people was when we dragged every poor sod up to dance. There wasn’t a bum on a chair at that point. A reunion is a must. Back there?? X

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