Blog Number 35: Use only cash for one month

AN APOLOGETIC WARNING: There may be a flurry of emails coming through. My 50by50 year is almost up and I need to get blogging!

Well, I’m almost there. I have resisted the urge to burn the plastic this month (what a month to choose!) My credit card company has phoned me twice in a panic to check that I’m still alive but there is not a smidgen of red to be found in my bank statement and for once I have money left over at the end of the month.

I did all my online shopping in November so Christmas shopping was a breeze this year. So what was the hardest thing about this task? It was definitely handing over £50+ cash every ten days or so for petrol. I can’t eat it, wear it or enjoy it so what a waste of my hard earned money. Ah, perhaps now’s the time to dust off my bike and make use of my new found cycling skills…

NB: This was a very useful task and one I’ll try to continue. It has certainly made me think twice about whether or not I need that ‘must have’ pair of shoes/dress/top… It’s always harder to hand over hard earned cash than a piece of plastic. Everyone should try it for at least a month. You’ll be surprised at how much money you save.

4 thoughts on “Blog Number 35: Use only cash for one month

  1. The downside of this is getting a panicked phonecall on 30 November saying “Quick, quick, tell me what everyone wants for Christmas and I can order it online because I can’t use my card tomorrow”.

    • Very funny but you still didn’t help with any ideas! There are some brilliant websites out there but I feel guilty about online shopping as it doesn’t help local shops. It’s just so easy – no crowds and it all gets delivered straight to the door. Simple.

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