Still learning Italian

I arrived on Friday, checked into my apartment, looked up the steep hill to the language school and thought, ‘How will I ever get up there?’ At that moment, that seemed to be the greater challenge; the fear of trying to learn Italian almost paled into insignificance. By Saturday, Monday (enrolment day) was in the […]

Blog Number 18: Learning Italian

It’s time to tick off another item on the 50by50 list: take Italian lessons. This time I’ve decided to embrace the whole experience by immersing myself in Italian culture. I have travelled to Montepulciano in Tuscany and enrolled myself in language school for a week. Classes start today. The journey? Let’s say it wasn’t without […]

An update: Fast approaching the big 5-0

50 is just a number, right? Well, this is what I’ve been telling my friends who have just hit the big 5-0. “Don’t worry, ” I’ve said reassuringly. “See it as a new and exciting phase in your life. I am.” Well I was- until yesterday. As I’m fast approaching the big day, I decided […]

An Update

Guess who I bumped into at work this week? Ivan, my cycling instructor! Actually, I don’t know who was more surprised – him or me. My immediate thought was that he’d come to serve some kind of writ on me for causing undue stress in the workplace but no, he’d come to speak to our […]