Blog Number 6: The Art Class

I discarded my jeans – too boring, my cardie too twee, my beret TOO needy! I finally settled on leggings and my faux fur, a bit of extra black eyeliner (to give me that Gothic/arty look) and some long dangly earrings. I was ready. I was off to my drawing class at the V&A looking […]

Blog Number 4: The Surprise!

It only takes the first few beats of Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ or The Weather Girls’ ‘It’s Raining Men’ to get me heading to the dance floor. It’s a case of ‘can’t dance, will dance.’ I throw my arms above my head in true 80’s style and let rip! But last night I was mesmerised by […]

Blog Number 3: What’s been happening?

Right, as I have until 31st Jan to finalise my list, I’m knocking the word a day on the head or should I say I’m jettisoning the notion of ameliorating my lexicon! People are used to me occasionally mixing up my anecdotes with my antidotes. It’s part of my ‘charm’ and trying to slip a […]

Blog number 2: Early progress

Having launched my blog on New Year’s Day, I am now actively planning some of my tasks. I have an Art Class booked for the end of January. It’s at the Victoria & Albert Museum no less! Hallelujah for good old Groupon and their money saving deals. My trip to St Paul’s is the week […]